New Lenox Ordnance joins forces with Burkins Armor Consulting, LLC

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Burkins Armor Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce it has joined forces with New Lenox Ordnance, a division of Illinois-based New Lenox Machine Co., Inc. to provide a one-stop solution for the ballistic industry’s testing needs.

Currently, New Lenox Ordnance provides armor piercing projectiles used to test anything from body armor to heavy tank armor. The company also manufactures a variety of gun and cannon barrels, and its facilities include a 200-foot indoor test range.

Matthew Burkins, President of Burkins Armor Consulting, LLC, will be utilizing his three decades in military weapons testing and research, as well as his extensive knowledge of test range design to help New Lenox Ordnance enhance their already top of the line products and expand their availability to the military and to affiliated contractors.

“I look forward to using my experience to help raise awareness of New Lenox Ordnance‘s quality products and unique capabilities,” said Mr. Burkins.

For more about Burkins Armor Consulting, LLC’s new affiliation with New Lenox Ordnance, click here.